Sunday, 16 September 2012


This is a movie I have never sat down and watched all way through, so with the sicky one still in bed and me bored out of my skull I thought I would sit down and watch it.

Set in dystopian totalitarian future after the 3rd world war where emotions are banned and controlled with drugs and anything that inflames the senses such as books, paintings and other similar materials are also banned.

Enforcing the police state is a group of elite law enforcers known as the clerics, trained extensively in gun play and martial arts, the head cleric John Preston and his partner are the best in the trade, however after a raid he notices his partner put a book of Yeats poetry in his pocket; he confronts him about this only to be told he will deal with the evidence personally, he later finds him with the book and as his partner has broken the law he must execute him, which he does, only to be told by his partner before he dies that any emotion he was feeling was worth the punishment.

The next morning Preston accidently breaks his emotion controlling serum and is informed by his son that he must go and replace this immediately, on his way to the ministry he is greeted by his new partner but by then the damage is done and is starting to experience emotions when he eventually receives his vial he refuses to take it; later on he and his partner go on a raid to arrest a sense offender, which he through out the film slowly forms a bonds with her, he also finds it harder and harder to hide the new burgeoning emotions from his son and new eager partner, such as remorse for the death of his ex-partner as it is revealed that the prisoner and his ex-partner where once in a relationship.

Early in the film it is noted that there is a resistance and he eventually contacts it, however because of his strange behaviour he summoned to his superiors where they inform him that there is a traitor amongst the clerics.

And that's where I am going to stop the review as the rest of the film will unravel itself as you watch it, I found it to be very entertaining, excellent action scenes that reminded me of the matrix, in fact if I think about it the film is a cross of the matrix, Fahrenheit 451 and 1984 which may seem eclectic but actually go together quite well.

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