Thursday, 6 September 2012

Police Academy

It's a guilty pleasure.

I know being a film fan I shouldn't admit that, but there is something about these films I just love, so wonderfully silly, jokes you can see coming from a million miles away but to me that doesn't matter, it just makes me smile.

So we have a band of misfits wanting to become police officers and one who doesn't, enter Mahoney, Jones, Hightower, Hooks, Tackleberry and others ,with trainers SGT. Callahan the blonde big boobed and sexually aggressive one, Lt. Harris the butt of all jokes and Commandant Eric Lassard the fatherly if but slightly mad chief of the academy.

We follow the recruits around basic training getting into various scrapes and escapades whilst trying to get through it all to become Police officers, however we have Mahoney who does not and tries to do various practical jokes on his commanding officers to get kicked out, however his eye catches Cadet Thompson (Kim Cattrall) and his desire to leave goes, his desire to do jokes does not !.

The film is good if you like silly humour and silly slapstick which I do, its also good as you get to see where some of the franchises returning gags come from eg. The Blue Oyster Bar, Jonesey and his various voice abilities, Hightower being bad ass, Callahan having a bit of rough sex, Mahoney being a love-able rascal, and Tackleberry destroying shit with his armoury of weapons.

Just don't take it as a classic and you will be fine.

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