Sunday, 16 September 2012


I just got a month's free trial at Netflix and have heard a lot about this film as it is thought to be a cult classic, but for the life of me I have no idea how to review this as it is a little "out there".

Max Renn runs a sensationalist TV station that specialises in soft core pornography and extreme violence, he gets called to meet a colleague of his that finds a obscure satellite feed that appears to have scenes of extreme bdsm torture and Murder, he asks his friend to monitor and record it, he then appears on chat show to defend his TV station where he meets Nikki Brand a radio host and councilor, she is there to argue his station contributes to societies problem but there seems to be a sexual attraction between the two, and soon they agree meet, also on the show is a man called Brian O'blivion, he gives a speech about how soon television will soon replace real life.

Max starts to date Nikki and shows her the episode of videodrome, this makes her aroused and she and Max have sex watching it, she confesses to Max she has sadomasochistic tendencies and loves to feel pain and how to her videodrome would be the ultimate pleasure.

Max and his friend trace the signal to Pittsburgh and not the far east like first thought, to which Nikki announces she has to go there on business and will search it out, much to Max's reluctance.

Also around this time he starts having hallucinations which are violent and very very weird !.

When Nikki fails to return he asks a friend of his who has connections in the pornography world to help him find who is behind it, she finds the information and tries to warn him off as the videodrome is the public face of a political movement and he shouldn't mess in there business.

He tracks it down to Brian O'blivion who was the guy who was originally behind it but disliked the way it was going he also later finds out that the group behind videodrome deliberately singled him out for his TV station so they can get a wider audience and that also videodrome causes hallucinations and is being broadcast to get rid of the undesirables in the country.

He also finds from Brian's daughter that he has been dead for a while and she knows she will be next.

So it comes come down to Max to end all the madness.

And that's all I am going to write as the you really need to see the ending as it has such an unusual twist, also whats with the hallucination of the video slot in his stomach ! ENJOY !.

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