Saturday, 1 September 2012


I was looking around love-film for something to watch and along came this.

I was first surprised to find this was based on a true story, the plot revolves around Tom a recently made homeless man and Brandi a carer in a home for elderly people.

On the day in question Tom is evicted from his apartment as he is laid off and can not afford to keep up with the rent, he goes to the employment office to find work but democracy gets in his way, Brandi in the mean has the opportunity to gain promotion in her work so reluctantly takes a Saturday shift despite Friday night being her club night, she goes out anyways, Tom however now homeless is wandering the streets, Brandi whilst at the club takes a whole lotta drugs and drinks a whole lot of booze and makes the silly decision to drive home.

On the drive back home she hits Tom with her car he becomes "stuck" in her windshield and suffers horrific injuries, she for whatever reason does not report the incident, the only reason I can think she doesn't do this is she really wants this promotion !, so she drives home with Tom still stuck.

The rest of movie goes with Tom trying to stay alive with odds totally stacked against him.

Mena Suvari plays Brandi and does a good job of quickly dispelling any sympathy you may have for Brandi, as she makes you quickly realise she is obviously a spoilt girl that see's this poor guy as nothing but an obstacle in her life, however the guy who played her boyfriend however I felt was nothing but a filler role to kill some time in the film and the guy who plays Tom well I think Bravo for showing the pain !, that being said it was for a budget film well shot and well acted, so give it a watch.

I did however feel sorry for the poor bastard that had it happen to him in real life !.

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