Saturday, 1 September 2012

The Tortured

Another Love-film I fancy a bit more gore I guess !

One day a perfect average families life is turned upside down, their son is kidnapped, at the hands of his abuser he is tortured, abused and killed; the police track down the killer and he is arrested for the murder, during the trial it is revealed that a mass grave has been found and that the killer will plea bargain to reveal who is there so instead of getting a full life sentence he gets 25 years to life, which the family decide is not good enough.

After the trial the family blame each other for the abduction then realise it wasn't there fault and hatch a plan to bust him out of jail and administer their own brand of justice and well you can guess from the film title how the rest of the film goes.

It was pretty much as I expected, the gore was there to shock and it failed and despite a couple of whincy torture moments it was standard gore-movie stuff, however watch out for the twist, the film is from twisted pictures (the same studio that brought us the saw franchise) and they do love their twists.

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