Friday, 31 August 2012


A Saturday morning treat for me and my boys, thank you to the good people of PACT and parkway cinema.

A Disney pixar that doesn't disappoint, It tells the story of a Scottish Princess who comes of age, her family want her to marry a son of a fellow Scottish clan, she however wants to make her own path in life, this difference of opinion brings her into conflict with her mother, the princess rides out of the castle and into the woods when he she comes across "sprites" (apparently a creature which can lead you to your destiny), this takes her to a witches cottage where the witches promises with the help of a magic pie (I don't know either) will change her mothers mind.

She then goes home pretends to makes peace with her mother and she eats pie, she then turns into a bear (of course she does !).

The rest is pure Disney uniqueness and silliness but is very well done, also have to mention the addition of her triplet brothers is excellent and nearly steals the show.

The voice talents of this feature is a basically a rent-a-Scot affair, but for me this gives it a authentic feel as then you haven't got a load of actors pretending to do accents.

My opinion of this movie is to go and see it, take your kids because this is truly a film the whole family will enjoy.

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