Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Dads Army

A film based on Classic sitcom, ok cool !.

OK well this is a pretty shitty film and in my opinion it is nothing but a 90 minute long version of the TV show, this is not a bad thing till you notice that the stories has been taken directly from the TV show, which in itself is poor writing, it surely cant be that hard to come up with new idea's.

You really don't need to watch this film if you have seen the series, we start with the formation of the Mainwaring's home guard (as seen in the series), and the disastrous training (as seen in the series), to manufacture of crappy new weapons of war (as seen in the series), to the end scene of taking down some Nazi's (as seen in the series), you get the general idea, it also has the feel of being cobbled together as well, which makes continuity awful.

I don't really want to write to much about this as my attention wavered so much whilst watching it.

All in all its an abomination, if you really want to enjoy Dad's Army then watch the series.

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