Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Attack the Block

An urban Alien takeover in south London, thought Aliens would have better taste to be honest.

This film I think is going to be a bit of a marmite, you or either going to love it or hate it, Me i thought it was marvelously tongue in check hilarious !.

The film is about a gang of no-good kids, who basically spend their days terrorizing the residents of their estate or "block", after a mugging of a young nurse a meteor falls from the sky which they go to investigate, where they find a new mysterious creature and promptly kill it, they then take it to a drug dealer friend (Nick Frost) because he knows about science things.

Cutting a long story whilst at the drug dealers more bigger terrifying creatures drop from the sky where they decide to investigate and find out oh shit we may get our arse kicked.

Along the way the young nurse gets involved and the boys who were no good find redemption.

All in all a entertaining film, but really didn't need Nick Frost who I can only think they did this to have a name in the film.

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