Friday, 10 August 2012


One of my favourites, also Wesley Snipes doing what he does best.

So we have Blade, a day walker vampire, this happened as his mother was bitten while he was in-utero so as its put in the film he has all the vampire strengths and non of the weaknesses.

So we open to what I believe is one of the best starts in any vampire movie we have a techno night club for vampires with a banging dance track and Blade going into crazy ape-shit vampire killing mode but he leaves one alive, this is crucial as it brings in an unexpected ally into the film and also quite favorably is a hematologist, which I think is a stoke of luck as she is bit and sets out to find a cure for being turned.

We also have another ally in Whistler a man who's family was killed by a vampire and found blade as a teenager feeding on homeless people (forgot to mention blade does age like a human, vampires are immortal), he designs Blade's vampire killing gadgetry.

Also we have to have an antagonist in Deacon Frost who wants Vampires to rule the earth and also wants to be the Vampire blood god, this angers the other vampires as they have a treaty with the human administration to keep it quiet.

So what he have here is a proper Vampire film, not like these days that vampires are misunderstood souls, they are soulless killers !, yes some the film twists are easy but that doesn't matter sit back and enjoy a thoroughly enjoyable film.

Oh this is based on a Marvel comic as well, gotta love Stan Lee.

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