Saturday, 18 August 2012

Dead Snow

Nazi Zombies ? Sounds cool.

Guess What ? it is cool, it is also a German language film but does have English subs.

The film about a group of friends who decide during a college break to go on a skiing holiday in a remote shack in the Austrian mountains, they make themselves comfortable, then on the 1st night there is a random hiker that knocks on the door to tell them about the mountains and that they are spooky and there is a legend about a rogue German infantry unit that ruled the local area with a Iron rod and generally where all round arse's that ran off there when the war ended, this bit reminded me of a foul mouthed Scooby Doo cartoon telling the kids the legend.

I don't want to go into much more of the story of this film as this movie is one the best zombie films I have seen since Shaun of the Dead, the acting from all the main protagonists is good, they follow the rules of a horror film to a perfect tee, I never got bored during it, it entertained me and kept my interest all way through, the Nazi zombies where good and some of the zombie kills where wonderfully inspired.

The best scene of the movie is when 2 of the male characters go full army of the dead Bruce Campbell on the zombies.

If I am being really nit picky the only thing that bothered me was the easiness of a zombie kill because if you have seen a zombie movie you know the only why to kill one is a impact to the skull and some kills were just a shotgun blast to the chest or other non skull splatting measures, but as I say that is really being fussy !.

If you can get past it not being in English then i fully recommend it if not trot on but please bare this in mind you will miss a awesome film.

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