Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Kickboxer 2 - The Road Back

I quite enjoyed the first kickboxer film and am quite a fan of Sasha Mitchell so I thought I would give a go.

Riiiiggghhhhtttttt, first of all lets put together the very tenuous link that create this sequel, we get introduced to David Sloan a brother of Kurt and Eric Sloan who gets no mention what so ever in the first film even when  in the first film Kurt and Eric discuss when their parents separated how each parent each took a child to raise wouldn't this be a perfect time to mention David ?, so because of that I am already dubious of the film.

So anyways David runs a Kickboxing gym for disadvantaged kids and with the debts mounting is being tempted in fighting again but initially refuses, as he has lost the desire to fight since the murders of Kurt and Eric (they where explained in the film to be killed by the 1st films antagonist Tong Po) he also has a running conflict with a student who wants to fight, eventually the threat of the gym's closure forces him to fight the Kickboxing champion when he does fight he defeats him easily and officially retires, this attracts the attention of the Tong Po (see above) and sends thugs to burn down his gym and kill one of his kids in process.

Whilst recovering Xian turns up (The trainer from the 1st film), however he seems less hard ass than he does in the first film and offers to train David although initially reluctant they end up training.

Meanwhile The student who with David had a conflict with is fighting for the now vacant title when guess who shows up to be his new mystery opponent, he kicks the living snot out him to lure David into a fight.

One of the first thing that gets me with this film how much revenge to does Tong Po want ?, he already killed the people that humiliated him will he not be happy till he kills his David's next door neighbours dog because it has a link to the Sloan's.

Sasha Mitchell does well in my opinion and has obvious excellent martial arts abilities but has a script that takes itself way to serious, but to be honest it shouldn't be Kickboxer 2 it should be something else and not a sequel, it would have been really easy to change the characters names.

Also the film does seem to be a serious version of No Retreat No Surrender, which actually isn't surprising since Van Damne starred in that film and wrote this...................... just sayin is all !.

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