Thursday, 13 December 2012


A revenge movie from the genre nothing unusual about this.

Kurt and Eric Sloane travel to Bangkok to find new challenges for Eric's world kickboxing championship as he has defeated every challenger that has faced him and decides to search out new opponents in the country where Kickboxing was invented (at this point I would like to point out in Bangkok the main martial art is Muay Thai), Whilst there Eric challenges Tong Po, a ruthless man, and that countries Champion to fight, Kurt see's Tong Po's power when he is kicking a cement pillar and tries to talk Eric out of it but he refuses, the fight goes ahead Eric is beaten badly and not just happy with victory Tong Po cripples Eric, a man called Winston who was watching the fights helps Kurt take Eric to hospital after the people who organize the fights shows no compassion, the person who organised it is a man called Freddy Lee and is also Tong Po's manager.

Kurt is outraged and wants revenge for his brother, Winston who is initially unwilling to help tells of a man who may be will to train him as Kurt's own task of finding places to train is ridiculed by local gym's, he takes him to Xian an eccentric man who is apparently an expert teacher but has long since retired, after listening to Kurt's story he tells him to go and get food so he can make his decision on a full stomach, in the local village he meets Mylee, Xian's niece, who gives him food to take he also beats up 2 of the local toughs who are henchmen for Freddy Lee's protection racket she sends him angrily back to her uncle and it seems Xian will train him.

So we get a lot of training and showing gradual improvement (gotta have a montage), Eric is also released from hospital although now confined to a wheelchair, After a drunk bar brawl instigated by Xian he persuades Freddy Lee to put Kurt in a proper fight which he easily wins and gets his wish of Tong Po.

Now there is plenty of film still to review but i will let you, humble reader make your opinions, why do I like this film I hear ask, well I wonder myself, the acting is terrible its really wooden, the scenario has been played out a million times in the past and it is awfully cliched so I cant tell you why, I just do, the positive that it has got going for it is JCVD, Dennis Alexio and Michel Qissi who are all bonafide martial artists and that makes for good fight scenes.

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